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Hello and welcome to je_claims, where you, a (hopefully-not-so) rabid fangirl/boy, may claim the JE-related thing of your choice. \:D/ Prease to be pimping it out.


→ Check the claims list, else you may get pwned by a mod. Nicely, of course. :3

→ The maximum amount of claims you may have is five (5. 1+1+1+1+1. 2+3. 4+1. 6-1. You get the point), unless I allow you extra. Mods may have up to eight (8. 4+4. 2x4. 2^3), because we're special. :o

→ One claim at a time. Wait a week between seperate claims.

→ A singular claim may have up to ten different people. For example, say I wanted to claim Nishikido Ryo's virginity. Up to nine other people may also claim Ryo's virginity before people start getting pwned (nicely) by mods. This is why you should follow rule number 1. :D

→ Note that writing the claim differently does not necessarily make it a different claim. I will see no difference between 'Ryo's virginity' and 'Ryo's virginity-that-he-probably-lost-before-he-was-fourteen.' I will accept 'Ryo's first time with a spoon(?!)' as something different, though. :D

→ I DO differentiate between romantic pairings and friendships. So the RyoTe pairing claim would be different from the RyoTe friendship claim.

→ You may drop your claim at any time, just make sure to inform us.

→ If you die off the face of LJ, your claim will be auto-dropped. That means if your LJ is deleted for more than two weeks (with no new journal forthcoming) or you haven't posted anywhere for 238429038032 years, then you can say goodbye to Ryo's virginity. Or whatever it is that you claimed.

→ Anything goes with these claims. No, seriously. You can claim a song, a group, an individual, a pairing, a dorama character, virginity, these outfits (lol Shounentai), etc.

→ Don't go crazy please. This community is meant to be fun and light-hearted. Don't go "OMG NOES U CLAYMD TEGO'S PEEN U H0R THAT'S MIIIIINE MY ONE MY ONLY MY PRECIOUS >O" just because somebody claimed something before you did.

→ Follow the rules. Repeat offenders will be BANZ0R1Z3D.

→ To show that you have read the rules, please put "Massex is a foxy raccoon" or "Ryo really IS a tool" in the subject line of your post.

Use this code when posting your claim.

That's it. :D Have fun.


Because I've been getting questions about this, YES you are allowed to make your own banner, and a text link is fine as well. XD

if you wish to affiliate, please leave a message on the Claims List

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